Carlos Simmons


Sarah is a thought leader speaker, consultant and writer on the non-profit sector, its business models, approaches to earned income and financial resilience. Based in London, but active in the UK, Europe and internationally, Sarah is well-respected and a leader in her field.

When Sarah established her consultancy practice in 2001 she brought with her commercial world experience in strategy and marketing. Her initial focus in the Creative Industries was the development of accessible and appropriate approaches to the development of marketing strategy in sectors with little history in these fields ie the Creative & Cultural Industries. Her expertise has developed (!) and the highlights now include an expertise in the structures of the contemporary Art Market; models which explain the value of earned income in the non-profit Cultural Industries, Community Business and wider trading third sector; how benchmarking can identify activities to improve sector-wide sustainability, and how sector leaders can support individual organisations as a group to grow. The majority of her work centres around the not-for-profit sector, and how data-informed decision making can be used to improve and support its better delivery and financial sustainability.

She is an effective and experienced speaker, and has delivered key note speeches at a number of international conferences and workshops.

Sarah is a veteran traveler, embracer of cultures, collector of strange signs and of beautiful beads.  She has a weakness for good coffee, excellent fabric and open water swimming. She has swum between continents twice (some of them are quite close to each other) and has appeared on Radio 4’s Saturday Live programme, being interviewed by the Rev Richard Coles on her addiction for British Lidos.