Carlos Simmons


A core tool for businesses, benchmarking is as important for those in the non-profit sector as it is for profit making enterprises..  Benchmarking your organisation can inform your strategy, as well as give sector-specific data comparisons.  Knowing sector-wide norms for income, expenditure, profit margins and the value of such things as cafes and shops as well as ticket sales and intellectual property can mean the difference between an optimistic, “finger in the air” estimate on your business plan, and one which is rooted in solid and sector specific facts.

Sarah, via her company MyCake, enables organisations to compare and contrast their business model to that of peers and organisations they aspire to become. This benchmark then drives a strategic development plan to achieve these new benchmarked growth and development goals. Benchmarking helps enterprises demonstrate the strength of their business model to funders as well as identify opportunities for improvement.  

For sector development organisations and funders at governmental and regional level, the wider benchmarking datasets help to identify areas of market failure that need to be addressed, and potential areas for “nudges” and sectoral development.

Sarah is Director and Owner of MyCake, a specialist benchmarking and book-keeping suite of tools for the non-profit sector. MyCake is a unique resource which has been developed with datasets gathered over the last ten years. The services continue to benefit both those in individual organisations and those working on the sector’s wider development.