Carlos Simmons

Making and Doing

Project management / Mentoring / Arts and Community Business cluster support.

It is important to Sarah that she not only brings her experience to bear on policy or wider strategies, but also to put her ideas and experience to good use more directly in individual development projects. Sarah brings her expertise into play by driving and supporting projects within the non-profit sector.  She is actively engaged with the communities in which she works, helping and occasionally project managing initiatives in order to develop and deliver long term.

Sarah has experiences as wide as serving on a cross DCMS / BIS working group, to engaging actively in the development and delivery of Creative Industries events, such as Fashion Shows, in emerging markets and particularly in the Middle East.

She also occasionally engages one to one as a mentor with businesses and organisations with whom she has developed longer term relationships.  When working with organisations, she has found that both she and the businesses enjoy and benefit from comprehensive exchanges of information and ideas.


Organisations Sarah has worked with: