Carlos Simmons


Sarah contributes to policy development at national level  through her work with the DCMS, ACE, NESTA, Power to Change and others.  

Her work over the last decade has developed themes including:

  • Earned income: recognising the value of championing earned income alongside that of grants and fundraising for third sector organisations.

  • Benchmarking: Working with funders, decision makers and individual enterprises to recognise the value of sector benchmarking to inform decision making, clarify definitions of success and develop evidence-based initiatives to improve the effectiveness and resilience of the third sector.

  • Outside in & Inside out: Novel insights into the very different way that individual non-profit organisations can and do use data in contrast to the view best known sector development organisations allocating public funding and private grants.

  • Deferred Value Creation: a term devised in collaboration with Alan Freeman to describe the role of small, innovative third sector organisations in developing expertise, products and services which are later exploited financially by larger ‘value realisers’ in the supply chain


Thought Pieces